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Occulto Rules
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Reports & Appeals:

Rule #1 — Respect All Members‎‎

▸Any racist, sexist, homophobic, or similar behavior will not be tolerated here and will result in your removal from the server. We also ask you please respect staff & members alike, listening to what they have to say.

Rule #2 — No Adult Content‎‎ or Profanity

▸Swearing/extreme slurs are forbidden within text channels. SFW content only! Do not post anything NSFW in the server or in user's DMs.
▸Anything non-family friendly is not tolerated.

Rule #3 — No Advertising

▸Advertising is only to be done in self-promo. DM advertisement is forbidden and will result in your removal from the server.

Rule #4 — No Hacking or Using Exploits

▸Glitch abuse is a very serious offense. Do not share glitches with other people, and do not use it for your advantage. Failure to adhere can result in a BAN.
▸Do not use Third-Party Advantages. This includes Hacked Clients, Utility Mods etc.
▸The Usage of Macros, Auto-Clickers and AFK-Farming is prohibited.
▸Any use of lag machines/farms/builds that cause server/client lag can result in a BAN. However, members are allowed to create & use auto farms that do not violate the "Glitch Abuse" principle.
▸If you find a player breaking these rules, and you fail to inform the Staff. Punishment will be given to both individuals.

Rule #5 — Use Common Sense

▸Use your common sense while in the server. If you suspect something will end badly, don't do it. Exploiting the rule system to benefit yourself is a punishable offense. Just because you don't see an exact example in our rules doesn't mean it is allowed.

Rule #6 — No Scamming

▸Do not scam other players. This includes tricking them on what your selling them.

Rule #7 — Follow Discord's Terms of Service

Follow Discord's ToS and Community Guidelines while on our Discord server. To learn more, use the links provided.

Rule #8 — Follow Minecraft's Usage Guidelines

▸Follow Minecraft's Usage Guidelines while playing on our server. To learn more, use the link provided.

Your Agreement to Occulto

You’re expected to follow our rules at all times. Our rules are subject to change at any time. Announcements will be made in our Discord for any changes in the rules, but you will be responsible for keeping up to date with them. Saying you didn’t know about a rule is not a valid excuse for failure to comply with this.

WARNING! You agree to our requirements by simple being in present within our community or public server.
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